Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liza Agree or Disagree

Agree or Disagree??

1) You can do some bad things and still be a good person.
I disagree because the god judges us, and if he sees that we do bad things he might punish us, and if he punishes us that means we did something wrong which is bad.
2) Taking revenge is never justifiable.
I disagree because if a person keeps doing mean things, and he doesn’t understand if you just tell him, you should probably teach him a lesson by paying back because you have an alibi.
3) It is not socially appropriate for men to show physical or emotional weakness.
I disagree because we are all people and we all have the right to be scared, or sad. I would say that men shouldn’t sob in front of others because that shows their weakness, but they can on their own but again, someone should also be there with them because sometimes it’s just too painful.
4) The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.
I disagree because you can have soulmates that may have different interests but they can still be friendly and supporting. Even if you don’t always like or dislike same things, you still may have subjects to talk about and they still might understand you.

5) Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. I disagree, because it depends on the person, like if there is warmth between you. Like if you have subjects that you both can talk about or that person if just not care less for you than he is a good friend, and doesn’t matter boy or girl. Or it can be so that a girl can talk to a boy friend about same things she talks about with her girlfriends. For sure, there might be things girls talk about only with girls and boys talk about only to boys but still, you can just be opened to a person even opposite gender. If you can trust this person, than you are close friends, no matter if you are a girl or a boy.

6) Friends can be more important than family.
I agree because some people’s families have negative emotions between each other, and that makes people to dislike their family and prefer being with their friends more. It depends on the relationship of family members.

By: Lyz

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