Monday, November 5, 2012

Zlateh the goat extended response Daniel S.

At first the family of aaron treated Zlateh just like a goat. An animal. A tool. But Zlateh trusted them, and the humans never did here any harm. But once she could no longer work and give resources, they sent Zlateh with Aaron of to the market to the butcher. To sell her. But when they were walking to the market a strange miracle happened. Heavy snow began to fall. Zlateh and Aaron got into a haystack to survive. Strangely enough Zlateh gave milk and saved Aaron for four days of the terrible heavy snow. Because Zlateh saved Aaron’s life he and his family were so grateful that they never thought of selling Zlateh again. During the four days of survival in the haystack Aaron and zlateh bonded in a relationship higher than friendship. She was like a sister to Aaron. They even communicated and understood each other. When they returned Zlateh was a very precious part of the family because she saved Aaron’s life. The generalization that I can make based on the short story Zlateh the goat is that humans cannot understand and treat animals like friends and family members because they think of them as animals and very unimportant. But when in the short story Aaron and Zlateh survived together they began communicating and understanding each other because of love and friendship.

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