Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eva 2nd Anticipation Guide

1)  I do not agree that people under 18 should be punished for crimes the same way adults are. Because kids, ( they still are kids,) do not know what is wrong and what is right. I mean they do not fully understand the consequences of doing crimes. For example, a 16 year old kid can get put under lots peer pressure about hacking a very important piece of information/ a website. The kid might not understand what he is doing!This kids that made him do this might need it, but does he? I think that children should be taught the consequences of doing crimes, until it is too late!

2) It is better for young people to establish trust with their peers than with adults. I think that I will say that I disagree. Because yes, it is better to be friends with people your age. But when it comes to trusting someone the most, or sharing your personal feeling, I think the closest person in the world is your mom or dad. Because they understand everything, and they would NEVER,EVER,EVER gossip, rumor, or tell anybody about what you told them. Your parents will never give up on you, or betray you like a friend can.Parents are the best!

3)  I strongly disagree that someone who can't read is unintelligent. Because some people just do not have the wealth, but they still survive! But the earth has very harsh conditions even for the poorest and innocent people! So, you need to be intelligent! Also, they may not have enough money to go to school, or to study!

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