Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zlateh The Goat Extended Response

               Zlateh The Goat

In the beginning there was a family that urgently needed money and the only thing they could sell was a goat named Zlateh. The family had their son to go sell the goat to a butcher. The goat’s relationship with people was good. She trusted them, and new where to go for help. The son (Aaron) had felt bad knowing that he was not just selling her but putting her down to her death. On the way there the goat had odd thoughts about the area around her because everything was different. The roads were different, the dogs were more aggressive, and there were many buildings. When they were walking a strong wind came and got stronger and stronger overtime, Aaron was wondering what was going on because it was a weird time of year for this type of year for this weather. Next it began to hail, snow and storm. They luckily found a haystack where they hid in for shelter through the storm. As they were sitting in the hay they were wondering how this had happened. Aaron and his goat were trapped in the haystack. As Aaron made a cozy hut for them to stay in while the storm passed. To Aaron the goat still seemed like a dumb animal, until the goat started to feed him when he felt hungry. Then he started to speak to the goat like his best friend. He and his goat were trapped in the haystack for 3 days. Until the snow started to fade away and they made their way home. When they got home Aaron told his parents about how Zlateh fed him and they never looked at Zlateh as just an animal buat a part of the family. The thing that majorly changed was their feelings and understanding of Zlateh of how useful she actually is.

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