Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soph & Sin's Anticipation Guide Dramatic Perfomance


One Day an 11 year old child and his older brother are going out to the mall. When they come get home it is way past their curfew. Their Parents get really mad at them and have to give them a punishment.

Parent 1. “ Where have you been it is way past your curfew”

Parent 2. “Yeah I agree you guys should have been home 4 hours ago”

Parent 1. “ You guys are up for a punishment”

Parent 2. “You are the older one and you have had way more experience than your younger brother, you know better than that”

Parent 1. “ You are grounded for three months”

Parent 2. “ For you young man you should not have been out that late but you have barely had any experience, your older brother should have told you”

Parent 1. “ You are Grounded for one month

Parent 2. “ Maybe he should get the same punishment as his brother”

Parent 1. “ No he is younger but he definitely needs to watch his back”

Parent 2. “ well it's settled you are both grounded”

While the younger brother walks up to his room his parents what to talk to his older brother about the punishment”

Now the older brother knows that he is teaching his younger brother bad stuff.

The End

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