Monday, November 19, 2012

Miles' Anticipation Guide

I disagree with the notion that “People under the age of 18 should be punished the same way as adults. “ for a multitude of reasons. I disagree because they are not that mature and they don’t understand things as much and they do crazy things. So they should not get punished the same way as adults but they should get punished. Kids are being charged for doing drugs but they are not mature enough and they do funny things and stupid things to be cool.      

I disagree with the notion that “ someone who can’t read is unintelligent “ for a multitude of reasons. A lot of people who can’t read are intelligent because it is true reading makes you smarter but it doesn’t mean that, that is the only thing that will make you smart.  Other things can make you smart such as math or any other subject but not the reading subject because this person does not know how to. When Albert Einstein was young he had troubles with reading but he turned out to be extremely smart.
I agree with the notion that “it is better that young people establish trust with their peers than adults” For a multitude of reasons. Because you should have some friends that are your age because you will grow up with people more like you and also not as much but you will not be the weird person in school who has no friends because that will most likely be really depressed. Also you should have kids who are at the same maturity level as you not everyone but some friends because you will probably grow up better.

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