Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The golden ball by Daniel S. 6l short story

The Golden Ball

Michael was fast asleep on the soft wool bed. It has been three days since he found the best treasure of his life. A ball of solid gold and unmatched beauty. He was quick-witted, so he did not stare for it long. Instead he quickly hid it under his shirt and ran off home. It was quite dangerous in the Schefford mine where he found it. His parents both worked as secretaries in the royal offices, and they did not have any time to spend with Michael. He went where he wanted and explored where he needed. The abandoned mine was a very popular place for kids, but also very dangerous. Already two of Michael’s friends have been killed by falling stalactites. The golden ball was only one part of Michael’s numerous treasures, but he adored it most of all. While michael was running home after the discovery of the ball, he spent a lot of time hiding and dodging contrabandits. After all, it was dangerous in victorian times. But the biggest danger was Thomas the crook. He was the meanest and sleaziest of all. He took nearly a quarter of Michael’s treasures. But the golden ball was safe. As much as Michael liked his golden ball he still had to lock it away in one of his treasure chests bulging with valuables.
After a normal week without any treasure hunting and any adventures something very scary for Michael happened. The golden ball was not in it’s chest. It was sitting right on top of his woolen bed. He was Amazed- and tried a desperate and dangerous thing. He called his best friend, Steve. Michael never believed in magic and when something extraordinary would happen he would think little of it. But this was not the time. He had to do something about his most valuable treasure appearing on his bed. Michael and Steve thought about it, and went to the library to research about the strange sphere. They found a very bizarre but not old book about magic quickly and began hastily flipping pages. Then they found it. Article that said nearly everything about the treasure. They began reading it. They quickly found out that the ball was called “The eye of Amanar” and that the last person to have the treasure was Clive Parkinson Meyer who lived in a very old house that looked like it was haunted. The house was located near the city in the countryside. They wanted to question him about the ball. They quickly ran to Michael’s house and began packing up until Steve noticed one thing. The golden ball could not be found anywhere. That made them pack up more quickly, not search for the golden eye. And so they went to the countryside with some old maps and a half-broken compass. But they have packe lots of gems to sell and buy any food and water they needed. They hired three carriages and finally reached their destination.
The old crumbly house stood there towering over Steve and Michael. Michael desperately banged his fist on the slightly decayed door of dark wood. An old man opened the door with a loud creak. He let the two boys in and finally Michael stammered. “Are you Clive ?” he asked in a faint but fast voice. The old man answered with a whisper. “yesss” he said looking sternly but a little bit frightened. Then somehow reading Michael’s mind he said: “the golden ball. you have found it. but only the good souls can have it. I had it once too. But I have committed a bad deed. That is why it disappeared.” The old man’s voice was loud and clear now. Michael barged out of the house and went home without saying a word. He was clearly disappointed with Clive’s words. Then he thought of it. The genius idea that Michael tried desperately. With sadness and despair he gathered his numerous gems and went to the bank. He sold all of them. And received lots of pounds which he then gave to charity. He returned home thinking of nothing. He did not try to dodge the bandits or hiding from hoodlums. He returned home to nothing but a miracle. The golden ball was sitting on his bed, gleaming. But michael gleamed more.

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