Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miles' Zlateh extended Response

(He = zlateh)

How things changed from the way they were in the beginning the end.

The beginning.                                            

He was a barn animal and not a pet.                                                                                            

The travel to sell him
for money for food.

zlateh was a barn animal .

The End

A house pet and basically family.
They have a strong bond with him.

In The beginning the bond between the animal and the humans was not as strong but before they got money for selling him to the butcher the realized that his is like family and never did anything wrong so they got lost while going to the butcher and in a snowstorm and they went home together ( the boy and zlateh).
Now they have a stronger bond and don’t and won’t sell him.

My generalization on the bond is it is strong between a human and an animal but if people like pigs as pets and like dogs too why don’t people usually say lets eat dog tonight but people say lets eat pig for breakfast. Well I think that it is because of people in the past which affected the future. Also what stops people from eating dogs is the fact that almost everyone finds them as pets.
and the biggest thing is the bond just like in the book when he refrained himself from selling the goat to the butcher for money for food .

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