Monday, December 3, 2012

          The great galactic war.

Hello my name is Cadman Rony. Today is 2612. A time of war between the UNITED STATES OF EARTH and THE NATZY REFORMENS. I am going to write about my adventures . I live on earth with my mom. My dad is an earth general who fights with the Natzi group. My best friend is Kale Jane his father is also a earth general. He is from mars. It was a last day before summer holiday. We were walking from school. We talked about our plans for holiday. This night I was thinking of a way I can see my dad. And I had an Idea, it was to run from the home and fiend dad. So I said to Kale " Hey men do you want to see your dad, Yeh I wish they both come soon. I think we should find them'' I said ' what do you mean. Thair a ship heading to their section in 2 days. We should leave with them. We are already 14 years old Don’t be scared. I am not scared just, you know.” Kale said “ Okay what’s your suggestion?. I know the airport by hart. We will find the way to the ship and hide. I will email you the list of things to take. Ok see you tomorrow''. So I had my lunch and went upstairs into my room. And start writing the list. Gun, 2 jeans 2 tee-shirts 1 sweater 1 caught A camped knife. Flash lights..... Then I start preparing for the trip. In two days of wise preparing and making plans we were ready. I 00:00 I was by his door. Of we went and made our way to the airport and to the ship, trout the secret passage and to the ship. We hide for 30 minutes and The ship take of. And we were happy on our way to dads. But their was a hit and another hit. «we both thought of the same thing. Fighting with Natzy.
The ship was ambushed and soon we connected to them, the soldiers went to fight . We were in their ship now. And bam the ships disconnected and we were in their ship. It was a big ship. We went thru the ship hiding and we reached some secret room. There was a guard. We made some noise and 2 guns shot. And he the guard 2 bullets in his body. He was dead. We went to the thing he was grading. It was some canon. It was a water sucker. We need to destroy it. I took some bombs from the dead guard. We put them but the other guards were coming. We start shooting and running to the ship. Then, when we wear next to their jet fighters the UNITED STATES OF EARTH attacked the ship and they attached to the ship. We see our fathers leading the attack they also show us and run to us. and we went in to the ship. And their was a large exploitation and the ship disconnected. The bad ship was destroyed. And the secret weapon was gone.

           The End

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