Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Andrew Camp Green Lake Extended Response

Camp green lake affects the boys by teaching them discipline on how to behave and be good towards the environment and pretty much everyone. The way they try to point out to the boys how they must behave is a bit harsh although the boys will definitely remember not to do something bad again if they know the consequences. The way the people point out to the boys what they did is hard physical labour. As they dig their holes the boys must think what should they do next time so that they don’t get into this horrible situation ever again. This way is a bit crude although very efficient. This way is not torture but a cruel way to teach someone not to do something. What the boys have to do is dig one hole every day for 1 year and a half. The hole must be 5 feet deep and wide, you have a shovel five feet long to measure. Each boy gets a certain amount of water, if you run out and get dehydrated its your own fault. Every second wasted to dig the hole ment 1 second closer to the sun rising. The sun gave off blistering heat and pure discomfort. The food they get is plain and unappetizing. If any boy finds something interesting they must instantly bring it to the warden, if it is of any interest then you get the day off. Each one of the boys share tents quite far away from the digging area. The overall description of this camp is one word, horrible. You would never want to end up in a place like this.   

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