Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nikita K holes structured writing

describe what is The daily routine at camp Greenlake like.what is it like and how does it affect the boys 300 words

Camp Green-lakes routine is very cruel and awful  for a multitude of reasons. The boys who were sent here become very rough and unhappy. They become more criminals than they were and it teaches them nothing.
              They should dig holes 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide to “train their character” and make them ready to reenter society as non-criminals, but it teaches them to be even more evil and grumpy. This place is where nobody belongs, and as built only to help the warden find something. The boys live in awful tents and sleep in stinky sleeping bags. they have stupid names( they chose for themselves) like armpit, Zig-Zag, squid which proves their moral stupidness. They work from very early in the morning to the middle of the day when the sun is Very, Very hot. It is very hard and it doesn’t do any good to anybody. They have little water, no tasty meals and very strict watchers. They also get only a few minutes in the shower after their exaggerating day. Their restroom was once very nice with sofas and chair and even a TV. But the boys broke it all which shows that they were neither well taught nor re-taught. They are never happy and follow one of them like a leader even though he is not very strong. They aren’t friendly at all and rarely accept anyone in their group at first. One boy even stepped on a rattlesnake on purpose to get out of camp.They are all actually working for the evil warden who is much more interested in finding a long lost treasure than in the boys’ life. She will stop at nothing to get her money, even if it means killing some of them. Camp Green-lake is a horrible place to be in.

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  1. prompt 2

    childrens behaviour is dependant on their surroundings if the child has an issue like ADHD but is brought up in a super awesome home then he will behave better than another kid with the same problem but grew up hating his dad or something like that.

    prompt 3

    it would be hard for a child to make friends with someone who is completely different than yourself even in our class we may not feel like it but all the russian kids are friends and all the girls are friends we have split in to all these communities based on our similarities.

    prompt 4

    i think children with troubled homes will always be different than people with normal homes but how troubled kids are affected by their homes will probably be affected negativ