Sunday, December 2, 2012

1)I disagree with the notion that "People age under 18 should be punished the same way as adults in terms of crime, I disagree"for a multitude of reasons. I think the kids may not controls their emotion.This is why we say adults and kids. They should be punished but not like that. I believe that you should not take kids from their parents or they grow up as criminals.  

2) I disagree with the notion that people who cant read are not smart.
Their are some people that cant read as they are blind or, also they might be ill, mentally. Their are people who for example are very good in math but cant read.

3) I agree with the notion that it is better for children to make friend with their pierce then with adults for multiple reasons. The adults may not understand the the children as they want them to be perfect. And never full around. That forget where they where like and they need to remember that children need some freedom.

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