Sunday, January 15, 2012

Anticipation guide

I strongly agree with statement number 6, because I have seen the result of it many many times. Kids in troubled homes or even the opposite homes where they are not cared for, grow up to have many problems in school and in the society a lot. Those problems consist mostly because of lack in knowledge about how to behave with others, or realizing that you are not the only human being in the world that needs to be cared. These human beings talk rudely and think that they can do anything they want. If they are hit and cared for badly, or too much. They start demanding freedom and independence. To show their freedom they complete actions that are against their parents will. These things are tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and illegal services. All of this leads up to problems in adulthood life. The freedom demander’s have two choices. Either to be free and abandon their parents, or to finally listen to their parents and be pigeonholed. When the spoilt ones grow up and if their parents are wealthy all they do is they blow away the money of their parents. If their parents are not rich they find a slob activity such as Video games or TV so their daily timetable is very limited “Eat, sleep, video games”. Their parents do not care as long as they do not disturb them.


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