Sunday, September 30, 2012

About me Process Eva

 My name is Eva. I was born in Boston, MA on July 26th 2001 at 1 AM. My family consists of: , my 7 year old sister Maya, my 17 year old brother David, ( who is finally in 12th grade!) Mother Natalia,  father Yury and myself! By religion, I am Jewish, and by Nationality I am American. I haven't lived anywhere except Kiev, and I enjoy it!
Now onto some of  my favorite things. For food, I love Chicken Pad Tai and Lobster. My first memory of lobster was when I was 3 years old, I ate a WHOLE lobster! And whenever I go to Thai Restaurant I always order Chicken Pad Tai! Also, I really love Ice Cream!! Whenever my family and I visit Cape Cod for the summer, we always go to Four Seas Ice Cream and order loads of Quarts and Pints! My favorite animals are dogs, dolphins and lions!! I absolutely adore dolphins because they are so smart and have such a good and close bond with humans! I am a lion by the Zodiac sign, so I love lions! And for dogs, I find all dogs sweet and loving, everything depends on their owner! My passion is talking and animals!

School!!! I really do love school and P.S.I.! I even have proof: this is my 9th year at PSI! My favorite subjects in school are Humanities, english, and math! The best teacher I ever had was Mr.Hodges my 5th grade teacher! He is very funny, loves telling us stories, and always helps out!

Pets and other activities! I have a lot of pets! 2 dogs Yorkie and German Shepherd, 2 turtles ( my brothers) Godzilla and Speedy, and a horse Madonna! Other activities? Tennis, hip hop, acrobatics and ballet! I really think these activities help me get rid of all my blasting energy! In my free time I love playing with my dog and hanging out on the internet!
The awesomest, most fantastic holiday I've ever been to? I must say my winter holidays to the BVI! That year 2008 instead of going to France like we do every year to ski, we went to travel on a big yacht for 2 weeks! I was about 7 at that time and I loved boats! We had two helpers: Tim the captain and Nancy the amazing cook. Tim taught me lots of card games and even let me go tubing! We traveled through a lot of places, and slept on boat! It was fun, especially jumping of the boat in the morning to get refreshed!

I love my family, animals and talking! I've been to many great places good and bad! I love school!