Friday, October 5, 2012

The monkies paw by Nikita Taratorin

One day in London, Mr. White was watching TV, but then he saw lights from  his windows. It was a spirit of Buddha. He said that in India there is a magic monkey that has a paw. He also said that this monkey's paw can turn you into an almighty Emperor of the world. But the buddha warned him that magic monkeys are not allowed in the airport. And super policemen Sergeant-Major will find you and make you clean normal monkey poops in the zoo, till you die. Thats why Mr. White was really feared but because of his wish to be a Almighty Emperor of a world made him decide to risk his life, by flying to India and finding that monkey with a magic paw.
He bought the tickets and flew of to India. The flight was really long and Mr. White decided to sleep. While he was sleeping the Sergeant-Major in his laboratory was checking everyone's goal in India by reading everyones mind and suddenly he saw Mr. White on his detectors and in 1 hour he was in airport waiting for his airplane to capture that Monkey first. But Mr. White was already in India. He suddenly he got a call from an Indian sweets factory. The workers have told that they heard that he is searching for a magic monkey, they have also told that they found it! They will sell it for million dollars. And right in that second the spirit of buddha appeared and given Mr. White a million dollars, to buy that monkey. In 2 hours Mr. White was already waiting for departure back to London but suddenly Sergeant-Major run in to catch Mr. White but it was to late the airplane was already in the sky 200 meters above the ground. Sergeant-Major start crying and ran to his mom that was supporting him all the way. At that time Mr. White already at London, became a Almighty Emperor of a world.

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