Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nikita Taratorin. "Tell-Tale Heart" antiception guide

If you are guilty of a major crime, you will be eventually caught.
  I strongly agree with this statement.  I have three reasons why agree with this statement.
  The first reason, is that nowadays policemens are well trained for resulting crimes. Mostly, the keepers of order (including ukrainians) are professional and know what they are doing. Most of policemen and detectives have a knowledge about this sort of criminalistic affairs. They think logically most of the time. Especially at criminalistic investigation.
  The second reason, is that modern policemens use latest technology to subdue criminals. They use tools such as fotorobot, laser fingerprint scanners, evidence kits, weapons, chilli pepper spray, etc. This tools help not only during detection but at the same time they are used to arrest serious criminals and terrorists.
  Also there is such an organisation that is called: “international police”, or “Interpol”. This organisation get all countries know about criminals that are declared into “international wanted list”. This organisation keeps outlaws, from departure outside the country, that makes the search for the criminals, more easy.
  Based on this statements, I declare that most of the crimes on nowadays will be revealed. Because of modern technology, knowledge and experience about criminals.

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