Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My name is Nikita Taratorin

   My name is Nikita Taratorin. I was born tenth of July 2001 in Kiev. I lives whole my live in this wonderful city and I love it very much. I speak three languages: Ukrainian (as a first language), Russian (as a second language) and English (as my third). I have five members in my family. Mom, dad, my little sister Masha, me and my dog Ferd. My sister is very annoying but I still love her.
   I like to eat. I like lots of foods but those are my favorite: Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti, Rolls, Borsch, Varenyky, cakes and pies and different ice creams.
   I really love to travel. I have visited a lot of places. And also I have visited all continents (except Antarctica and Africa). My favorite sunny places are Dubai, Indonesia/Bali, and off curse Crimea. My favorite skiing places are Austria and Switzerland. And the funniest places are Paris and Orlando Disneyland’s. But still, the most interesting place in the whole world is Kiev. Because it has rich history and famous artifacts.
   I have bunch of hobbies and passions but my favorite thing to do is sport.  Exactly this passion I used in my grade 5 exhibition. My favorite sports are Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Swimming and Badminton. But also I have other passions or hobbies. I really like computers and Internet. Also I am enjoying playing with Lego. I love playing on a Piano and Recorder. But my favorite thing to do is playing with my dog Ferd. He is really funny and energetic dog that also loves playing and jumping on me. My favorite thing I like to do with my dog is to take him on a walk. I am teaching him, different commands. He loves learning.
   I love P.S.I. I think that it is a best school in the world, even if some of my friends think that it is Hell. This is my 8th year in this school. My favorite subjects are English, Humanities, Math’s and Ukrainian. I am now in 6th grade. I have a lot of good friends and smart teachers. The only comment I want to tell about school - its fun.    
 I LOVE P.S.I! and my dog.

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